JOOX’s COVID-19 Playlists educate and help Myanmar music fans cope with life during the COVID-19 pandemic


 ‘freemium’ music streaming app available in Asian markets including Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Myanmar, with over 290 million global users and 15 billion plays. It caters its services to meet the music interests of users in each country. All local songs on JOOX are free to listen to by all, but some international songs require a paid VIP membership. The COVID-19 playlists are free to access for all Joox users, and those who listen have a chance of winning coins which enable VIP access during the homestay period. 

Three of these playlists in particular have become especially popular with Myanmar audiences: “Inn-Arr Strength,” A-Tu Tu- Kyaw-Phyat- Kya-Mal “Let’s get through this Covid 19,” and “Stay at Home.” 

The “Inn-Arr Strength” Playlist collection features 14 songs by well-known Myanmar musicians ranging from hip hop and R&B to pop. JOOX leverages the universal appeal of music to educate the Myanmar public about the dangers of the novel Coronavirus by including edutainment songs 

in this playlist, such as the current Myanmar number one song “Go -away Corona” by famous singer Phyo Pyae Sone and Mi Sandi, which was composed by Dr.Phyo Wai Lin (On Doctor) and relates some dos and don’t’s about staying safe in the time of COVID-19. User comments on this playlist have said that it helped them understand how to behave during the current crisis. All of the songs are free to listen for all users. 

The A-Tu Tu- Kyaw-Phyat- Kya-Mal “Let’s get through this Covid 19 “playlist is designed specifically for a Myanmar audience, featuring 14 top Myanmar pop songs from artists such as Lay Phu, Wai La, Myo Gyi, and Idiots. It is also entirely free to listen. 

Following the idea that music is the best way to relieve worry, step outside of time, and change one’s mood, JOOX’s “Stay At Home” playlist includes 35 international pop hits whose appeal transcends national borders – 33 of which are free for all users – to boost listeners’ energy and motivation and help them escape from stress. 

“At JOOX, we pay attention to what our users want, which is why we have designed our service in Myanmar to match the interests and needs of people here. During these difficult times, we know people need music more than ever, so we are doing what we can to offer support and motivation. We are confident that Myanmar will get through the current crisis, but we also recognize that this will involve time and hardship, which can cause a lot of stress. I hope the playlists that we have created will brighten people’s days and give them the strength and energy they need to get through this stressful period,” said Mr. John Zhang, Country Manager of JOOX Myanmar. 

Enjoy your favourite artists and their music anytime, anywhere by downloading JOOX mobile or desktop app on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or access the JOOX website. 

Download now to start your premium music journey today! 

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